Friday, April 2, 2010

Formal vs Candid



5 Boys 21 Girls!
Actually this group has 6 boys but 1 of them cannot attend the photography session#
Mamat, Nuar, Soeb, Ray, Fifi & Me!
Thas, Masyie, Mirah, Dilla, Fizah, 2 Tifah, Aima, Aina, Suhaila, Ain, Hanis, Firah, Farhana, Aaisyah, Liyana, Faizah, Farha, Hawa, Hidayah, Zalina, Suhaibah!
The name is not in order!
I just want to share my moment with my friends!
So, hope you all enjoy see our candid+formal picture:)
It is your decision to leave comment here~

1 comment:

Muhammad Afifi said...

peh sedey aku xde....=(((((

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