Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm keeping a secret..?
I'm mysteri0us pers0n..?
That all I keep thinking in my mind.
Here I'm g0ing t0 tell 0ne 0f my secret. Actually, the secret is related with myself. The secret is............
I am able t0 c0ntr0l my heartbeat. Y0u all must thinking that I'm j0king 0r crazy right? H0wever it is true! I d0 n0t kn0w whether it is n0rmal 0r extra0rdinary f0r human t0 d0 that acti0n. So, y0u can decide it! Please d0n't pass this news t0 0ther pe0ple! Just keep it f0r y0urself 0nly! Ty!
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