Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Waiting of Y0u

Star not bright like yesterday.
There is rainy today.
Weather becomes warm.
I eat potato while waiting you text.
Really hope that you will text before my potato finish.
Suddenly my phone ringing.
Just alarm.
I feel sad.
Predict that you waiting me text first.
I'm not gonna to seduce you.
I know you were buzzy. 
Then, I sleep beside potato.
Hopefully will dream of you.

Hakcipta terpelihara. Hafiz.


Anonymous said...

tak story kat aku punn.

Mabuk! said...

Takde ape.
Just lirik:)

fatinmmj said...

waaa..lirik persaan dri...hati ke..nicee...~~

najwa napatah said...

two thumbs up!!!!

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